Other Activities of the Seniors

On 11 February, the Seniors again received visitors from Bad Kissingen, who were taking cures there.

Benefit concerts for the Community House Fund, arranged by the Seniors, took place on 10 and 19 July. The concerts were given by the pianist Prof. Dr. Venjamin Grinberg, a member of the Bamberg Community. He was formerly Professor of Music at the Conservatory of Alma-Ata in Kachastan. He also talked about the pieces he played and gave brief biographies of their composers. The concerts aroused a lively interest

On behalf of the Senior Club, Mrs. Gorkurova and Prof. Dr. Nogaller received visitors from other Bavarian Jewish communities. Thus 18 members from Ulm came for the first time on 29 February. The visit was arranged by Cantor Rudolph, who hails from Ulm.

On the same day, 11 persons came from the Jewish community in Stuttgart. The visitors were members of the Synagogue choir.

The programmes for these visits are assuming a standard format: the visitors are received by Prof. Nogaller and Mrs. Gorkurova on behalf of the Club, before they are given a guided tour of Bamberg. On their return to the Community House they are offered some refreshments, followed by an exchange of courtesies with the President of the Bamberg Community Mr. Heinrich Olmer. The Synagogue choir and members of the Community Drama Studio “Hoffnung” (Hope) then offer some items from their repertoire.

The guests from Ulm and Stuttgart were impressed particularly by the choir and invited the Bamberg Community to a return visit to Stuttgart on 7 September. Members of our Community were also invited to return visits to Ulm.

(See also under The Synagogue Choir).

A return visit from members of the Regensburg Community took place on 5 September and followed the routine I explained above.

The contacts between the smaller com- munities in the land are obviously very desirable, because they strengthen their Jewish identity and they can probably learn from one another in a number of ways.

On 12 July, the Community received young visitors from Beer Sheva, Israel, on their way to Prague. During the two hours they spent at the Community house, they were given talks by Heinrich Olmer, Frau Brutjan and Cantor Rudolf about Bamberg Jewish History and life in the town.


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