Youth Activities


I reported last year that the Community lost Alissa Gerschberg, its previous youth leader for several years, who was training to qualify as a nurse.

From 2004, the Central Welfare Organisation of the Jews in Germany sent out Madrichot, particularly to safeguard the Yiddischkeit of children and youths in the smaller Communities. Cantor Rudolf was able to arrange for two such persons, Vered and Thalia, to be allocated to Bamberg.

They had their first meeting with Community officers on 17 February 2004 when they presented their comprehensive programme. The Youth club was able, therefore, to take up its work again on 9 March, meeting every Tuesday from 15.30 - 17.30.

In August, the two Madrichot had to leave again in order to continue their studies in Israel. The Community was reluctant to let them go, because they had fulfilled their roles very well.

They were replaced later in the year by two new Mardrichot, Inbal and Svetlana.

Because the older youths have other or at least additional interests, a second club will be established early in the New Year, which will operate in parallel, so to speak, with the Community’s religious teacher, Mrs. Elena Goldbaum.


Cantor Rudolph Arieh writes:


“We have therefore arrived at a situation which we had considered impossible a few years earlier, of being able to provide platforms for young people to enable them to live their secular and religious lives within the Community”.


Cantor Martin was able to report further, that he and Elena Goldbaum set up a club for young adults in the summer, to cater for the interest of people from their mid-twenties, on the model of a similar club in the Düsseldorf community.


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