Visitors to the Cemetery



Not all the visitors signed the visitors’ book. The following did, if not always legibly:




Jane Triest Burraus: (?) “I am the grand-daughter of Ferdinand and Sue (?) Triest so happy to have been here... illegible”.

Lynn Burraus (?) Bonin (?)





Gabrielle Rossmer-Gropman, Medford,

USA (born in Bamberg as Gabriele Rossheimer in 1938).

“I appreciate the ongoing remembrances of the Jewish community that existed here for so long, including my grand-parents, who died near Lublin in 1942 - and all the others, whose names are on the (memorial) tablets. Thanks to all who keep the memory alive”.


Donald Gropman

“We pay our respects to what was, is no more, yet may be again.”




“Ein Besuch von Englischen Verwandten zu den Gräbern Rosenwald und Dessauer, organisiert von Pfarrer Wohlleber


Luise und Rudolf Limlei (?), Mechtild Reichenbächer

(Signatures only partly legible)





Joseph and Marianne Frank, Florida





Kimberley Schmitt (granddaughter of Ilse Schmitt, nee Wiesenfelder).

“It is comforting to know that my family has a place to be remembered in the community they cared for - for so long and with much affection - despite the distance and experiences. Thank You


Aimee (Schmitt) Thompson

A visit ... A sense of history.


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