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that there was at least one Jewish family in Bamberg, who maintained a permanent Sukkah (Laubhütte). Carl Isidor Dessauer, a Hop merchant and founder/ owner of the Mälzerei Dessauer in Bamberg, lived at Sophienstraße 5, (now Willy-Lessing-Straße 5). He employed a coachman, who lived in the Kutscherhäuschen on the site. The house probably also accommodated the coach.

The top floor was used for the Seder at the annual Pesach (Passover) celebrations. It was fitted with a roof that could be swivelled out of the way, so that the religious requirement to eat under an open sky during the festival could be met. This was to remind Jews of the 40 years of wandering of their forefathers in the desert after their escape from Egypt and before being able to enter the promised land.


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