The 8 May in Bamberg

A remembrance meeting took place at the Memorials on the North face of the old town hall at the Untere Brücke (Lower Bridge) to mark the end of the last War 59 years ago.

In the presence of citizens and colleagues from the City council, Lord Mayor Lauer emphasized how important it was to learn from the Nazi period, particularly because intolerance, enmity towards fo- reigners and anti-Semitism again find a fruitful soil in our country.

Our remembrance makes sense only, if we do not just dwell on past suffering, but develop a conscience for a peaceful future togetherness of all peoples.

Lauer saw the enlargement of the European Union by 10 new members as a good sign. Among them were a large number who suffered under Nazi rule. He considered it a signal for reconciliation and of the will of Europe to guarantee a future of peace and an even more secure liberty.

(Reported in the Rathaus Journal Bam- berg Nr. 11 of 20.5.2004.


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