The City Passage


The meeting of the City Council in October 2004 approved new plans, subject to some provisos, the “Greens” dissenting. But even the majority voters announced that their approval depended on the acceptance of the scheme by the United Nations Inspectors.

The entrance to the 15th century Mikveh (Tauchbad) discovered on the site of the proposed development will remain visible but nor accessible.

I do not at present know exactly what will happen to Hellerstraße 9, which belonged to the S.S. Heßlein’sche Schulstiftung since 1813. It contained rooms for religious teaching, for the accommodation of teachers, and from 1910, the prayer room of the community Adas Israel.

I reported last year that I had written to Lord Mayor Lauer about the importance of this building from the Jewish point of view, and that it should be preserved if at all possible.

I did not receive a reply, but I have learned that the latest plans may not involve the demolition of the house.

The underground garage in the Promenade Straße, demanded by the develo- pers, has been abandoned because of the cost. This should at least enable the Wasserman Museum to be established in the basement of Willy-Lessing-Str.1, if other considerations allow it to proceed.

(Partly reported in the Fränkischer Tag of 15 October 2004.


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