The High Festivals

Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur

(New Year and Day of Atonement)



The services were generally well attaindeed. On some days, we welcomed visitors from abroad.



Sukkot and Simchat Thora

Like last year, the Synagogue was beautifully decorated for these festivals. The services proceeded with a mixture of nostalgia but also with anticipation. Nostalgia because they were the last services in the old Synagogue, anticipation because next year we shall celebrate in the new, bigger Synagogue, when we shall also have a sukkah (Booth = Laub-hütte) of appropriate size.




The evening service on Tuesday 7 December started after lighting the first candle. Afterwards, the children received sweets and fruit, as every year. The children attending the religious classes received small money present in addition. After the service some of the children entertained with Guitar and Piano, and there was more fruit and honeycake.

The Sabbath services on first day Chanukka took place as usual.

The annual event described as the “Chanukkah Ball”, organised by the Seniors, took place on 12 December. After lighting the candles, at least 100 members attended a concert by the Synagogue choir and watched short pieces performed by the Community’s Drama Studio “Hope”.

The evening ended with a little dancing. There were many newly arrived families whom we had not seen before.


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