The Jewish Community


The new Community House with Synagogue

The intended completion of the building work was approximately following the ori- ginal plan. At the end of 2004, the internal work was beginning and the furnishings were installed. It is expected that the offices of the Community will be transferred from the house at Willy-Lessing-Straße Nr. 7 to the Community house behind it at the beginning of the New Year. The dedication of the house and Synagogue has been fixed for 1 June 2005 (Invitation received from Mr. Olmer, with a request to say a few words). I am sure that all former Bambergers will be welcome.

The design of the coloured glass windows on either side of the Thora Shrine of the New Synagogue was subject of a competition. A prestigious jury from within and without the Community was appointed to decide on the winner among a number of entries. Albert Ultsche carried away the prize. The windows can be made and fitted, however only, when the required funds become available. Mr. Olmer has therefore asked for more donations. (Reported in the Fränkischer Tag of 2 August 2004).

The project enjoyed a good deal of pub-licity in the local press during 2004. The Fränkischer Tag of 6.12.2004 showed a picture of the reconstructed sandstone arch of the 1853 Synagogue, which was deconsecrated when the 1910 Synagogue was occupied. The earlier Synagogue was sold to an industrial concern in 1920 and demolished in 1984 to make room for a city centre development.

The arch, together with the Portal, which has also been preserved, will form the entrance to the new Synagogue, i.e. they will fulfill their former functions. It is notable that these items of the 1853 Synagogue, together with the multi-coloured Misrach (East) window above the Bima, had been saved by the efforts of Chriss Fiebig. By contrast, nothing has been found of the beautiful 1910 Synagogue, except for a few small lumps of stone.

The Fränkischer Tag of 6.12.2004 also showed the completed frontage of the Synagogue and of the Community house in colour.


Separate weekday Synagogue

The furnishings from the Synagogue in Willy Lessing Straße 7 will be installed in a room in the Community house, which will serve for week-day services with their small attendances.


Sources of Information of events in the Community

The principal sources have been the three 2004 issues of the Magazine Jüdisches Leben in Bayern (Jewish Life in Bavaria), published by the Association of Jewish Communities of the Land Bavaria, and the three issues of the Bamberg Community magazine Derecheenue (Our Way), written by Cantor Rudolph, as well in personal discussions with him, for which many thanks.


Religious Instruction

I reported last year, that Mrs. Elena Goldblum assisted Chasan Rudolf since October 2003.

The extent and variety of instruction is surprising, but it reflects the needs of the Community:-


Thursday Morning prayers

The poor attendance would normally not make the continuation worth while, but one woman undergoing conversion is attending so regularly and travels quite a distance to get there that Cantor Rudolf is continuing the service at the moment.


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