Visitors from the USA

Those of my readers who are young enough to have attended the Jewish school in Bamberg they were forced to attend it from November 1936 after being expelled from the public Volksschule (first school), may remember Friedl Sacki. I, for one, can certainly recognise her from the picture taken of the class, probably in 1937.

Friedl escaped to the USA with her parents brother Kurt and later married a Mr. Sussmann. She has a son, Dr. Lance Sussmann, who is a well-known reform rabbi in Elkin Park, Philadelphia, as well as an author.

He took a party of about 30 people from his community on a tour of Germany and made a brief halt in Bamberg between 4 and 6 July. Friedl, now named Freda and living in Baltimore, joined the party in Bamberg, where they were received by Lord Mayor Lauer in the Roccoco room of the old town hall (the one in the river) on that day. This event was covered with a photo in the Rathaus Journal Nr. 15/2003 (18 July 2003).

Chriss Fiebig acted as the guide to the Jewish landmarks in the City and the cemetery, and of course, showed them the silk factory being converted to the Community house and the synagogue. This had a special significance for Freda and Lance, because the factory was owned from 1930 by Freda’s Father Max Sacki.

Lance held a short service in the yard between the factory and the dwelling house at Willy-Lessing-Str 7 (formerly Sophienstraße) and following the eve of Sabbath service in the little Synagogue in the house, the party was invited by the Community to a reception. I have spoken to Freda on the telephone, she was very enthusiastic about the whole event.



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