Cordula Kappner

As somebody said at her retirement party in Hassfurt, last year Cordula was unlikely to retire, to go into her “Ruhestand”. He predicted, correctly, that it would continue to be an “Unruhezustand”,

Indeed, Cordula now has an office in the Castle Gleisenau at Ebelsbach, as the Bote vom Hassgau reported on 5 June 2003.

Cordula keeps files on all the 250 Jewish families in the villages and market towns of the Hass district. As the castle also houses the archive for the district, her papers are in good company!

Cordula’s home telephone number (from within Germany) is 09521 4492. She would be pleased to answer questions from de- scendents of former Jewish citzens of the district, but also glad to receive information, because, as she says, genealogial research is never completed.

I shall have good reasons to refer to Cordula’s work again in the Around Bamberg columns under Haßfurth, Ebelsbach and Ermershausen/Maroldsweisach. She is not ony hard-working but ubiquitous!



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