Kunigunde Lieb

Readers may remember that I have written several times in these columns and in my book Juden in Bamberg: the decades before the Holocaust (in German) about my grandmother Löbl’s home help of many years, her courage in continuing to visit her and bring her some food when this was strictly forbidden, even after she had been compelled by the Labour Office to work for the Bamberg top Nazi Zahneisen.

On 27 February, Kuni celebrated her 95th Birthday, in the presence of Lord Mayor Lauer, her family and friends at the Walburgisheim on the Jakobsberg, where she spent the evening of her life. Mr. Lauer brought her a “good drop”.

The Fränkischer Tag of 28 February reported the celebration under the heading “Ich bin nur eine einfache Frau” (I am only a simple woman), a modest remark made by Kuni. The Newspaper gave an account of her life with my grandmother Löbl, her war- time history, and her report of the last days of my grandmother before her deportation to a death camp and showed a picture of Kuni with Lord Mayor Lauer.

The Rathaus Journal Nr. 6/2003 too, under the heading “a brave and courageous woman” reported the event in the same terms, but giving more space to her cordial relation with my grandmother and her visits to her in the Weisse Taube with food before her deportation.

I had rarely missed visiting Kuni when I was in Bamberg in recent years, and I had intended to do so again on Saturday afternoon 1 November. Unhappily, Kuni died the day before, on 31 October 2003, after having spent some time in Hospital, of which I was unaware. Dr. Annemarie Spiess, Bamberg, who had kindly visited Kuni regularly, represented the Loebl family at her funeral in Ebensfeld on Tuesday, 4 November.



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