Villa Wassermann

Readers may remember this project. from previous “Letters”. Although I have had little time for it in 2003, it was discussed in a half page article, with a coloured print of the Villa Wassermann, in the Fränkischer Tag of 23 April, under the heading


“Tresorraum soll Museum werden”

(Strong room will become museum)


“Ausstellung in der Villa Wassermann will an das Schicksal ihrer Namensgeber denken.”

(Exhibition in the Villa Wassermann will remember the fate of the family)


The article reported that Bamberg’s newest and probably smallest museum will be created in the historic strong room of the Villa Wassermann. The new owners wish to establish a permanent exhibition to show the Jewish past of the house and the tragic history of the banking family Wassermann.

The newspaper then pointed out the economic importance of the Bank far beyond the borders of Franconia and the house as a meeting place for the Bamberg social elite in Music and the Arts.

During my stay in Bamberg in October/ November, the owners of the house informed me that the project had to be deferred until a decision has been made by the City on a proposed underground garage, which would affect access, and possibly the stability of the strong room itself. The garage has been demanded by the investors in the City Passage project, but it is objected to by a large number of citizens

The decision may well hang on a referendum on this matter. The 3000 signatures necessary for initiating the procedure have been collected and submitted. We may assume that the signatories would vote “No”.



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