A New, Dark Light on the last Deportation from Bamberg

On 28 October I gave my by now annual talk to the SPHCJB, this time on the deportation process in Bavaria. Documents relevant for my talk were found by a friend in the Central Archive of the former so-called Deutsche Democratische Republic in Potsdam, now at the Bundesarchiv Abteilungen (Sections) Berlin in Berlin-Lichterfelde, under Reichsvereinigung der Juden in Deutschschland (National Association of Jews in Germany). From Juli 1939, this body increasingly became the tool of the Gestapo, and from the time of the Wannsee confe- rence, entirely so.

The deportation of Jews from Bamberg, as elsewhere in Bavaria, were organised by the Reichsvereinigung on the detailed instructions of the Gestapo. Among the papers in the Berlin archive was found the dossier on the deportation of my grandmother Löbl, on the last one, on 9 September 1942, which I used for my lecture, illustrated with the 12 documents involved.

The unfortunate people were told that they had to purchase places in one of the homes of the Reichsvereinigung, in fact they had to give up their entire assets to the exact Pfenning. In return, they were promised to be maintained for the rest of their lives. A doctor’s certificate of good health was required! Needless to say, the Reichsvereinigung did not own any homes, in Bohemia or elsewhere.

My talk was reported adequately in the Fränkischer Tag of 30 October.



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