The 8 May

As every year since the end of the War on 8 May 1945, the anniversary was remembered in the usual manner.

I have used the report in the Rathaus Journal Nr. 11/20003 of 23 May for the following information:

Lord Mayor Lauer laid a wreath and made an impassioned speech:-


“The victims call on us to remember the dreadful suffering in the Nazi period. Even more shattering than their unfathomable number are their personal experiences and trragic circumstances, not only in Germany. It is our task to remind ourselves constantly of the victims of the Nazi terror and of the second world war [...]

Our remembrance is meaningful only if we do not just mourn the suffering of the past, but that our knowledge and conscience makes us strife for a peaceful and tolerant togetherness of all nations ....”


Andreas Starke, the leader of the Social Democrats in the City Council, drew attention of the ambivalence of the 8 May 1945, which was both a day of defeat and liberation. The fact that political radicalism has no chance today is an encouraging sign that we Germans have learned our lesson.

I wonder whether he was not a litle too optimistic?



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