The Week of Brotherhood

The annual event, this year under the moto “Uns ist gesagt was gut ist” (We are told what is good) was opened on Sunday 9 March by Matthias Wünsche of the Society for Christian-Jewish Cooperation in the parish house of St. Gangolf. As always, Lord Mayor Lauer took on the patronage. He said that the task of the Society was an important one, it should serve as a model for a better understanding and for living together with less conflict. But we must not forget the ghosts of the past. By its support for the new Jewish Community Centre and Synagogue the City and region wants to provide for Jewish life and a good togetherness..

Accompanied by girl singers from the Franz-Ludwig Gymnasium, the representatives of the three religions lit a seven-armed candelabre.

Cantor Arieh (Martin) Rudolf warned of the dangers of uncrictical obedience, which made dictatorships possible.

Christian ideas for the week were outlined by Dean Otfried Sperl. Dr. Mustafa Hasir spoke on behalf of Islam. “The highest point of civiliasation was achieved”, he said, “when Synagogue, Church and Mosque embraced as the temple of G’d. The aim of the interreligious dialogue was peace and brotherhood”.

As part of the week, Deusel guided interested visitors through the Jewish cemetery. (Reported in the Fränkischer Tag of 11 March, under the heading “Die Religionen vereint Gedanken zur Woche der Brüder- lichkeit” (The religions are united in their thoughts for the Week of Brotherhood).

As part of the “Week”, Prof. Dr. Heinz- Günther Schöttler of the University of Bam- berg spoke in the Community house on 11 March on the subject: “How do Christians read the Bible of Israel - a paradigm with a dual outcome”.



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