Society for the Promotion of the Culture and History of the Jews of Bamberg

(abbreviated hereafter as SPHCJB)

More events were offered to its 60 members this year than ever before.

On 8 December 2002, Johann Fleischmann spoke about the Jewish cemeteries west of Bamberg, particularly Walsdorf. I did not report this event in my last Letter, but I did refer to his wonderful book on this subject.

Dr Karin Dengler-Schreiber, the wellknown Heimatpflegerin (a voluntary person charged with the preservation of heritage), spoke about the Jewish Quarter in the Heller-Straße on 25 February. (see also under Dr. Karin Dengler-Schreiber’s lecture below).

Mahler and Schönberg were the subject of a talk with musical examples by Peter Rosenberg, the alternate leader of the Bam- berg Symphony Orchestra on 10 April.

Thomas Schindler gave an account of his researches about the life and death of Willi Aron in a talk entitled The unknown Willi Aron on 15 May. A longish review of his talk appeared in Jüdisches Leben in Bayern, the monthly magazine of the Landesverband der Israelitischen Kultusgemeinden in Bayern, 18th Year Nr. 92, September 2003 (Der unbekannte Willy Aron: Jude, Sozialdemorat und Waffenstudent), which als made a reference to the Society. (See also Willi Aron remembered below).

On 28 October I gave my by now annual talk to the Society, this time on the deportation process in Bavaria, with reference to Bamberg and a case study of the deportation of my grandmother Löbl (see under “A New, Dark Light ...” below ).

The final event of the year, after the annual general meeting of the Society. was a talk by Franz Fichtl on 8 December about the immigration to Bamberg of Jews from Eastern Europe in the first third of the 20th century.

(Reported in the Fränkischer Tag of 10 December with the mistaken headline “Judas aus Ost Europa..., for which the newspaper apologised).



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