The Cemetery

I have visited the cemetery only once this time. It is in good shape, but as I foresaw, the grassing which was done a few years ago is very difficult to maintain to give a tidy appearance.

With the fitting of a new roof on the Tahara house, the last refurbishing has been completed.

I have seen from the Rathaus Journal Nr.24/2003 of 14 November, that the City Council has invited tenders to refurbish the surrounding enclosure. I expect this work will be undertaken next year.


The Memorial Book

During my visit to Bamberg in October/ November, Mr. Fichtl (who researched almost all of it) and I made the last corrections, and as we have received the last of the promised pictures (from Thea Wolffsohn of her grandmother Maria Bickart, we will shortly start to prepare the text and the pictures for printing out.

We will then accept orders for unbound copies at cost, plus a small handling charge and postage.



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