The Community Choir

The choir under the trained music director Mr. Braudo is doing well and growing. The shortage of men is being attended to.


Other Activities of the Cantor & Teacher

On 19 March, Cantor Rudolph gave a talk to the Catholic Workers Movement of Strullendorf on “Living Judaism throughout the year”. The event was well attended and the listeners showed their interest through the quality of their questions

At a meeting on 30 October of the local branch of the World Conference for Religion and Peace the theme Synagoge, Kirche und Moschee was discussed. Cantor Rudolph in his capacity as regional president participated with a short address in the open discusssion.

The same body met at the Community house on 11 November to talk about the “Secularised Society”. Cantor Rudolf gave a short address and some free thoughts were offered by University Parson Dr. Johannes Rehm. Afterwards, the speakers sat down with the audience to discuss the subject.

On 19 November, Cantor Rudolf talked at the Fränkische Schweiz Museum in Tüchersfeld, on “Kaschrut from ancient times until today.” On the 11 December, he spoke in Kulmbach about “Koscher Food”. Both events were attended by a large and interested public.



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