Youth Activites


Since Alissa Gerschberg has started her training as a nurse in Forchheim, she was no longer able to lead the Youth Club He’Atid , which is not active at the moment. Discussions are in progress with the Central Welfare Office of the Council of German Jews. It is hoped that they will provide a youth leader from 1 January next.



Activities of the Seniors

I have already mentioned the Purim Ball, which was largly organised by the Senior Club.


The Club met on 10 October to talk about the story of Sukkot, and on 17 October, to discuss Simchat Thora. On 19 October, the Seniors arranged their Simchat Thora Ball.


At the invitation of the Seniors, Dr. med Antje Yael Deusel, the Vicepresident of the Community, talked about her 6 months study visit at the Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem and about her travels in Israel.


The Social worker of the Community Mrs. Brutjan spoke on 27 October about the problems of Russian immigrants in Germany with their social and cultural integration


On 2 November, members of the Jewish Community in Bad Kreuznach visited our Seniors and on 3 November, we again received guests from the Kurheim (Recovery home) in Bad Kissingen. Chriss Fiebig berichtete, daß sie die Gruppe durch das “jüdische Bamberg" führte, es waren aber alles ehemalige Russen die kein Interesse zeigten.


On 5 November there was an opportunity for Seniors to relate how they survived the Getthos and the Shoah in the Soviet Union after 1941. The younger members were invited to this event, which was chaired by Cantor Rudolph. In the evening, Heinrich Olmer spoke about Jewish Life in Germany since 1945.



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