The Festivals



On 18 March after the evening service, the story of Esther was read. The ususal noises accompanied the mention of the name of the villain “Haman”. Afterwards there was wine and “Hamamtaschen” baked by the janitor and the wives of new immigrants. 100 members of the community and guests participated.

The annual Purim Ball took place on 23 March. It was organised by the Community Choir and the Seniors’ Club. The offerings were again plentiful.



The Seder on 16 April was attended by 100 Community members, by guests from Israel, Britain, the USA and members of the Jewish community of the US-Army base in Würzburg. The Seder was again led by Cantor Rudolf, the reading of the Haggadah was shared by people around the tables.



This festival, 50 days after Pesach, marks the day on which the ten commandments were given on Mount Sinai. It is also the spring festival for which the synagogue was decorated with flowers. For the eve of the festival and on the actual days , 5-7 June, the house was full, and a great Kiddush was offered


Tischa B’av

The ninth day of the month of Av, the day on which the Temple was destroyed, was remembered on 6 August by the recital of Lamentations (Klagelieder) in a special, sombre tune.


The High Festivals

The services on Rosh Hashanah and Jom Kippur were well attended. The assembly room had to be opened to accommodate the worshippers.


Sukkot and Simchat Thora

Again, services in the decorated prayer room were well attended. This was the last time, the festivals would be celebrated there, because in 2004 (5765) we shall celebrate in the new Synagogue and Community Centre.



After the festive lighting of the first candle, the festival was inaugurated on 19 December. As every year, the children received bags of sweets and fruit and could enjoy Latkes. On Sunday, 21 December, the Community invited the Nürnberg group Nächama2 to play for a Chanukka dance.



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