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The situation in Israel continued to worry us greatly, particularly those of us who have children there, as did the inconclusive end of the War against Saddam Hussein, which I for one saw as necessary, if only by reference to the situation in Germany in 1936. The parallels were frightening. I set out my views in a paper.

The year has not been all bad for me personally. I reached the age of 80 in reasonably good health, at least well enough to continue working on the several projects I am engaged on in Bamberg and at home. The family in London gave two parties for me on this occasion.

In May, the University of Newcastle honoured me, and in June/July, I spent three weeks in Israel researching the next book on a period of Bamberg Jewish history. I timed my visit so that I could participate in the Bar Mitzvah of my grandson Jonathan living in Maale Adomim., as well as in two family weddings. I went to Bamberg only once this year, in October/November, where I spent three weeks after the end of the High Festivals in order to continue my Jerusalem research for the next book.

I was pleased with the presentation of my “Letter” on the Internet, as part of a webside by my friend Thomas Starz, the address is


To compensate for the disappearance of newspaper cuttings in appendixes, I have now cited the sources of my information, so that my many readers in and around Bamberg at least can look up the texts, if they so wish.


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