A Surprise Encounter

When I left my desk in the Bamberg City Archive one day and went into the lobby for a breather, I noticed three people, obviously English speakers, who were talking to the deputy director of the archive. Believing that there was a language problem, I offered my services and found that I was addressing Ruth Arber, the daughter of Martin Mohrenwitz-Moore, her husband and one of her sons. Great was the joy all round. I showed them some places of Jewish interest in the town and the factory of Ruth’s late grandfather Stefan Mohrenwitz! At the cemetery, we visited the graves of members of Ruths family, including that of her great-uncle Martin Mohrenwitz, who died aged 19 and therefore had a broken column for a gravestone. They left the following day for Dresden to explore the place where Ruth’s mother was born.

It was the first time I met a member of the Mohrenwitz family since I watched Martin being marched out of the British internment camp for German refugees at Huyton on his way to Liverpool to board the notorious ship Dunera in 1940!



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