The Centre for Christian-Jewish Dialoge at Sacred Heart University, Fairfield, Connec- ticut, USA . Seminar in Bamberg.

The Seminar was jointly arranged with the University of Bamberg. It took place between 14 and 17 March. I reported the preparations, in which I had a very small part, in my last Letter.

The theme of the Seminar was again the question: “What would we like the ‘others’ to teach about ‘us’?

About 20 renowned scholars were invited to take part. They came from as far away as Australia.

Fom the Christian side it was recog- nised that some concepts have dramatic consequences when they are transferred to nonreligious spheres.

The Bamberg Catholic Theology Professor Dr. Klausnitzer believed that the Seminar would result in an intensive dialogue between the Bamberg and Fair- field theologians.

At the reception given by the City in Castle Geyerswörth, the Choir “Inspiration” entertained the participants with Hebrew, Yiddish, Israeli and Christian songs. City Councillor Brigitte Kischel representing Mayor Lauer, praised the efforts of Catholic, Protestant and Jewish theologians in delivering the key to a more peaceful coexistence.

(See FT 25 March, “Brücke zwischen Religionen” Uni Bamberg und University Fairfield leisten christlich-jüdischen Dialog”). The event was also reported in the University magazine and the Rathaus Journal.



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