The Memorial Book

No further photos of our victims were received in 2002, but two more were promised and two others were found in Bamberg. The book was almost completed. We shall be making six to ten copies. They will not bound but will be placed in looseleaf books, so that we can add both information and photos.

There will be no difficulty, in principle, in printing (and binding, if required) copies for anyone wishing to acquire a copy at cost plus a handling fee.

I have seen the Memorial books for Fürth and Nuremberg. Our book provides far more information on the lives of the victims and their relationship to other victims. It is a tribute to the scholarly work of my friend Franz Fichtl. My contribution was limited to obtaining photos of victims which were not available in Bamberg.

The City Passage

In my last Letter, I reported that the City wanted to create a new road from the Promenade through the Hellerstraße to the Langestraße. The rationale was to provide space for more shops in the centre of the city, in order to counteract to some extent the drift of shopping to large units on the outskirts or the vicinity of the town. I reproduced part of a letter, showing the importance of the area, which would be destroyed by the new road, not least some remains of Bam- berg Jewish history.

In spite of a report by United Nations investigators, which concluded that Bamberg’s status as a World Heritage Centre may be at risk if the scheme went ahead, the City apparently wishes to proceed, albeit with some modification to the first proposal. The matter has since been hotly debated locally, a debate which will no doubt continue.

On 10 February, lorries and vans copletely blocked traffic in the Hellerstraße for a few minutes, to show the difficulties which would arise if deliveries to shops were to be made in the street in accordance with the city’s plans. The demonstration, organised by the “Greens” was certainly very effective.

(See FT 11 February, “Hellerstraße völlig dicht”).

In a full page article, the wellknown local historian Dr. Karin Dengler-Schreiber, related the history of the area between the Promenade and the Lange Straße, and particularly the Jewish his- tory. It contained much information new to me.

(See FT. 19 February, “Zweite Synagoge und Hegels Philosophie: Geschichte eines Bamberger Stadtquartiers”).


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