National Holocaust Memorial Day

On 27 Januay, an exhibition of photos made by Frau Arnold, an employee of the Community, taken on her visit to Auschwitz was opened at the Savings Bank in the Lange Straße.



The annual general meeting of the Community took place on 14 Juli. The accounts committee approved the audit unanimously. It was also the occasion for new elections of officers. Mr. H. Olmer was again elected 1. president, Dr. med. Yael Deusel 2. President.


The Cemetery

There is really not much new to report. The cemetery looks very tidy, but the annual 40 Bronze tablets authorised by the city have not been supplied for at least the last two years. These tablets, my readers will remember, are to be fitted to gravestones, mainly in the older part of the cemetery, where air pollution has destroyed the inscriptions on the headstones made from soft sandstone, but where the grave number is still known. I have taken the matter up with the Monument Protection people at the City and there appear to have been misunderstandings, which I hope to have been been able to clear.

For security reasons, requests for access must be made one week before it is required and authorised by the President of the Community. I have pointed out to him, that descendents of Bamberg Jews, particularly from abroad, would be exluded from access by this rule, because most of them spend only a day or two in Bamberg.

Pupils from one Bamberg school, led by a master who has conducted many cemetery tours before but was unaware of the rule, was refused access. In practice, individuals will be admitted on presentation of an identity document.


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