Reports from Cantor and Teacher
Martin Rudolph

These will be found in the Internet ver-sion of the Community Magazine “Unser Weg”. I just summarise. The Purim and Pesach services were well attended and the traditional celebrations were much enjoyed. Guests at the Seder included members of the American Army base in Würzburg and visitors from Britain, Israel and the USA. There was again a full house on Shavuot. The service on the eve of the festival was followed by a special Kiddush. On Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur the synagogue was full. This was also the case on Sukkoth and Simchat Thora. For security reasons, the succah was built inside the house - not as it should be - and the synagogue was decorated. On Channukah the children received sweets after the well attended service. The Synagogue choir performed, and on the eighth day, the Seniors held a Channukah Ball.

The Youth Club
In addition to the regular meetings under the leadership of Alissa Gerschberg, the club performed dances on Purim and on Channukah.

Senior Club
The Seniors met regularly and went on tours to visit clubs in other communities. Clubs from some of those visited the Bamberg Seniors in turn. The Monday meetings, followed by talks from Chasan Rudolph for example, were attended every other week by members of the Senior Club from Bad Kissingen.
On Purim, the Seniors performed a play, alas in Russian.

Morning Services on Thursdays
This is a real innovation introduced by Chasan Rudolph, who is to be congratulated for this initiative. It will take some time before a Minjan will be achieved.


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