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My “Letter”

Thanks to Mr. Thomas Starz, Bayreuth, last year was the first issue of my “Letter” to appear on the Internet. The reports I have had indicate that it was well received. Address:




For technical reasons, it is dificult to place newspaper cuttings on the Internet without a great deal of work and from now on, they will no longer be featured in appendixes. It will mean that I shall write more fully about some items than in the past and I shall quote the newspaper sources which I have used. Most of these are from the Fränkischer Tag, which I shall abbreviate as FT.

The change to the Internet has been made principally to relieve our good friend Herbert Ashe, Stamford, Ct., USA after 15 years from the labour and cost of having to copy and mail my Letters to readers in the USA, South America, Israel and Australia. Mr. Ashe and I are very grateful to Mr. Starz. Hard copies will still be supplied for the time being in Europe.

As an aside, you might like to read all the webside, including some of the letters. They indicate how important the work of Mr. Starz is.



The year was again overshadowed by the random massakers of civilians in Israel. The reports in the Media, in fact or in implication and what they leave out presented a completely false picture.

The first fair account I was aware of appeared in the Spectator, London, of 4 April, another in the Süddeustche Zei-tung, Munich, of 5 Juli, entitled “Die Nein-Sager” The latter showed that the Arabs had seven chances to have a state of their own in Palestine since 1937 but always turned them down. In the words of Aba Eban: “They never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity”.

For those of us who have children and families living in Israel, it was a particularly anxious time. It was a relief, therefore, to have my son Robert and family arrive safe and sound in London in June for the Bar Mitzvah of a grandson of mine.

My foreign travels were restricted to two visits to Bamberg. In July, because of two exhibitions of Jewish interest (see inside) and to make Wiener Library Awards to meritiorious persons in Weinheim, near Heidelberg and in Bad Kissingen. Because of several other projects, I had too little time for my principal objective, research for my next book, although I stayed for nearly four weeks.

I returned to Bamberg in October and stayed again for nearly four weeks. On 29 October, I presented the Wiener Library Award to another very deserving German journalist, author and publicist in Hamburg. Again, there were two exhibitions of Jewish interest (see inside).

For many years I have attended the 9 November memorial meetings at the Synagogue Memorial as the only - very junior - member of the prewar Jewish community. It is now almost expected that I attend. That is why I schedule one of my visits to Bamberg to include the 9 November.

I took part in five services at the Synagogue, but the attendance on Sabbath mornings was disappointing. One can only hope that the new synagogue will attract a lot more Russians.



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