Letter from Bamberg
Nr. 17 (2002)


Compiled by Herbert Loebl, with

considerable help from Chriss Fiebig and Thomas Starz, also from Johann Fleischmann, Cordula Kappner, Josef Motschmann, Hansfried Nickel, Dr. Raja Nadler and others.

Some (background) informations  

of the "Letter from Bamberg" (exe-File - it´s a selfextracting-file - download and double-klick)

  1. Dear Friends:  My "Letter" + Personal

  2. The Community

  3. The Week of Brotherhood

  4. The Centre for Christian-Jewish Dialoge at Sacred Heart University, Fairfild, Conneticut, USA- Seminar in Bamberg

  5. The 8 May & The 9/10 November (In Bamberg - In Adelsdorf - In Forchheim - At Burg Feuerstein - In Ermreuth - In Kronach - In Lichtenfels)

  6. Activities of Schools

  7. Exhibitions

  8. Villa Wassermann

  9. August Wassermann

  10. A Surprise Encounter

  11. An Academic Visitor from the USA

  12. Synagoga and Ecclesia - back in their occustomed place at the Dom

  13. A New Genealogy Centre

  14. Wiener Library Awards

  15. Did you know?

  16. Around Bamberg

  17. Other News 

  18. Visitors to the Cemetery 

  19. Farewell 

  20. Endword

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