Some (background) informations 
to the "Letter from Bamberg"

Autor: Dr. Herbert Loebl

was born 1923 as the son of the Jewish electrical manufacturer Robert Loebl and his wife Marie, nee Rosenfelder. As a 15 year old, Herbert Loebl was forced to flee to Britain in 1938. After the war, he studied electrical engineering, and in 1951 and 1961 he co-founded two firms for the manufacture of specialised scientific instruments and electronic controls. In 1978 he gained the title of Master of Philosophy and in 1985 he acquired his doctorate. He is the author of essays and contributions to books. In 1999 appeared his "Juden in Bamberg: die Jahrzehnte vor dem Holocaust", on which Dr. Loebl worked for six years. A second edition appeared in 2000 . For 15 years, his annual letter from Bamberg was distributed all over the world, most readers living in the USA . Dr. Loebl was honoured in Bamberg, by the Federal Presidents, the Prime Minister of Bavaria and the Bayerische Volksstiftung.

The Aim of the "Letters from Bamberg"

Dr. Loebl has made it his aim, to inform surviving members of the pre-War Bamberg Jewish Community and their descendents of events of ewish interest in Bamberg and its surrounding area, where many Bamberg Jewish families came from. 

He has three objectives: 

Dr. Loebl does not only report major events. Because of his knowledge of Bamberg Jewish history, he is able to evaluate and put into context anything of Jewish concern. He is particularly interested in the activities of the schools and in the work of the many individuals, who are engaged in recovering the Jewish past in their localities. Thanks to the support offered by the Lord Mayors of Bamberg, the 60 or so people in and around Bamberg who asked for copies of the "Letter", received it in hard copy.

The "Letters" are a contribution to "Zeitgeschichte". I am pleased therefore, to be able to present Nr. 16 and future editions in the pages of

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