8 November


Erinnerung an jüdische Schüler Bambergs.

(Remembering Jewish pupils at three high schools in Bamberg).

The exhibition in the City Archive, suggested by City Councillor Wolfgang Budde, was opened on Thursday 8 November by Mayor Lauer, to coincide with the rememberance of the 9th November.


Students from the Franz-Ludwig (Neue) Gymnasium, the Eichendorff Gymnasium (Höhere Töchterschule) and the Berufsoberschule (SeniorTrade School) contacted former Jewish students at their schools (with a little help from me) and obtained much interesting information about their lives at the schools and of their subsequent fate.

I had been asked on my visit to Bamberg in May to meet the students taking part in the project and answer questions. The meetinng took place at my old school, the then named Neue Gymnasium (see press report in Appendix 8).

The resulting exhibition texts were well writen up. This section also featured illustrated essays by students about "race" education during the Nazi years, illustrated by newspaper cuttings and photos, the pressure on teachers and recollections of the times by a few non-Jewish students.

There was a section on the Lublin Ghetto, and Video presentatios of Nazi Laws against the Jews, the Deportation of Bamberg Jews, and of my discussions with the students on 11 May. The art teachers supervised work by students, which resulted in some imaginative pictures and collages.

During the opening, some of the student taking part in the project spoke of their contacts with former Bambergers, and the Choir "Inspiration" performed beautifully, as usual. Particularly pertinent and deeply moving was the Jiddish song "Brider es brennt" (Brothers, there is a fire"), performed by the choir, the solo being sang by Vera Olmer, who accompanied herself on the guitar.

The young reporter from the Fränkischer Tag failed to mention the choir and its important contribution to the opening ceremony in his piece. Nor did the report in the Rathaus Journal, for that matter. For this reason, both reports caused surprise, to say the least (see Appendix 9).

The catalogue of the exhibition contained all the texts shown on the exhibition panels.

After the closure of the exhibition at the City Archive, it was to be be moved to schools in Bamberg which have asked for it. While the information will be important, students at these schools will not, of course have had the personal contacts which the researchers obtained with former Bambergers..



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