Americans visitors at Bamberg University

The Catholic Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, Connecticut is well known for its Centre for Christian-Jewish Dialogue. The Centre arranges annual seminars for scholars on the subject "What would we like like the others to teach about us?"

In 2002 the seminar was to be held in Würzburg. For technical reasons this proved impossible. After Chriss and I ascertained from the Rector of Bamberg University Prof. Dr. Dr. Godehart Ruppert that the seminar would be very welcome at the University, the two directors of the Centre, Rabbi Josef Ehrenkreuz and Dr. David Coppola visted Bamberg during my stay in May, on the assumption that I might be needed as an interpreter. This proved to be unnessary.

All the matters required fo the organisation of the semiar, even the provision of kosher food from Frankfurt, were discussed on 15 May and all parties seemed very content and were looking forward to the semianr, which is to be held from 18 - 20 March 2002. About 30 scholars will be invited.

The visit was briefly if not quite correctly referred to in the University newspaper (see Appendix 4)



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