The 8 May 2001


On 21 February, the Fränkische Tag, Bamberg, reported an initiative by the Social Democrats in the City Council ("Reden halten genügt nicht" (Words are not enough), the aim of which was to make the anniversary meetings marking the end of the War in 1945 more significant for generations for whom that end is now a long time ago, and to attract more members of the public.

As usual, the meeting took place at the separate memorials for the victims of the Nazis and the Bamberg soldiers and civilians who died in the War.

Mayor Lauer and other city officials attended and laid wreaths. The Mayor spoke very well, as did city councillor Dr. Starke for the SDP.

There were indeed some innovations this year, which enhanced the event: two actors from the Bamberg Theatre read appropriate verses and a brass instrument group from the E.T.H. Hofmann Gymnasium performed short pieces with great precision. A brief account appeared in the official Rathaus Journal (see Appendix 3).

Because of a mixup, the announcement of the meeting failed to reach the press before the 8 May. As a result, the expected greater impact and larger attendance than usual did not materialise.



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