After 15 years of devoted service, it has been decided to relieve our good friend Herbert Ashe-Eschwaege of the burden of having to continue to have my annual Letters printed, distributed all over the world, except Europe, and airmailed - at considerable cost. I am sure I am writing on behalf of all my readers when I express our thanks for his wonderful services over all these years.

Readers outside Europe on our list of addresses will receive a letter explaining new arrangements.

As Herbert's 90th birthday on 1 June will occur before the publication of the next Letter, we congratulate him in advance and wish him many more years of good health and enjoyment of life.

So far as the compilation of future "Letters" is concerned, I find it increasingly harder to devote so much time to them, given several big projects requiring my attention. I hope to secure some assistance with future Letters.

I wish all my readers good helth and a peaceful 2002.

With kind regards,


Your reporter

Herbert Loebl
7 Moor Road South
Newcastle upon Tyne
Great Britain NE3 1NN
Tel: Great Britain (0)191 285 2051
e-Mail: HLoebl1029@aol.com


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