An unusually large number of people with Bamberg connections from from abroad signed the visitors' book at the Jewish ceme- tery this year. Until the 24 November I noted the following in the visitors book: Not all gave details and some entries I found difficult to read:-


15 March

Prof. Josef Nogaller, a Russian assylant in Bamberg, who is writing a biography of the famous Bamberg Serologist August von Wassermann.


1 April

John C. Ashe and his daughter Daniella Frances, son and granddaughter of our good friend Herbert Ashe-Eschwege, Stamford, CT, USA. Both attended the first Seder.


14 May

Rabbi Joseph Ehrenkreuz and Dr. David Coppola, Fairfield, CT, USA (see above).


31 May

Nehemia Ellau (?), USA, visiting the grave of his father Chemin Tromkowski, Cantor and Shochet of the Bamberg Community 1946 - 1947.



John David Treumann, Chicago, grandson of Fritz Treumann, probably a son of Hans Treumann, whom I have failed to find even after searching for him for many years. Can any of my readers help?


18 June

Jeff Kohn


3 July Hanna Hedwig Striesow, nee Kohn, London, (b. 1908 in Bamberg) with son Michael and daugher-in-law Gillian. She also visited her old school, the Neue (now Franz- Ludwig) Gymnasium. Dr. Striesow and family were also received very kindly in Ebelsbach, where her family came from (for press report see Appendix 32).


3 July

Edward and Linda Schmitt with Kimberley,

Oakport, Illinois, USA. "Many memories" Edward is the son of Ilse Schmitt nee Wiesenfelder, sister of of the late Karl (Menachem Peled) and of the late Lene Wiesenfelder. On her return home, Kimberley wrote a letter to Chriss which is reproduced in Appendix 25 (see also Fare- well to Lene Mayer nee Wiesenfelder.


16 July.

Josef Londner, Mt. Sinai, NY, USA, who visited the grave of his father Jacob Londner, a post-war arrival in Bamberg.


24 July

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Franz, Florida, USA.


25 July

Julien and Danielle Judas-Laballe, Paris (entry in the French language), visiting the grave of his grandfather Hugo Kaufmann (formerly Weisendorf),"whom I unfortunately never met".


27 July

Dr. Markson MD, Greenhow, NC, USA.


6 August

Rodney Eisfelder, Melbourne, Australia, a descendent of the Adlerstein, Eisfelder and Lichtenstädter families.


9 August

Ruth R. Rosenberg nee Reinhold, Baca Rota, Florida, USA, with partner, daughters June and Lisa, a son-law and three grandchildren. Ruth was born and lived in Mühl- hausen, but came to Bamberg in 1938 to go to the Jewish school.


22 August

Judith Rödelheimer-Pacht, Los Angeles, CA, USA, a second cousin of my mother


Wihout date in August

Mr.and Mrs. Stefan Fuller and two children from Boston. Mrs. Fuller's mother was Inge Rosenbacher, born in Ebelsbach, who came to Bamberg as a six year old.


14 November

Professor Bruno Brachmann (lately at the Humboldt University Berlin) and Dr. Elisabeth Brachmann-Teubner, lately in a leading position at the Federal Archive Sections in Berlin. I had the pleasure of showing them "Jewish" Bamberg and the cemetery. Without the help of Dr. Brachmann-Teubner in 1995, I could not have compiled the names of Bamberg victims of the Shoa on the six memorial panels in the Tahara house at the Bamberg cemetery, which she saw for the first time.



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