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**The Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, Am Domplatz 8, 96049 Bamberg, has informed me, that it now holds a complete collection of my Letters from Bamberg from 1986. The Library is prepared to supply copies of back numbers, which may be ordered by e-mail, address:




** The Directorate-General of the Bavarian Archive Administration is supporting a major research project at the University of Munich on the financial steps taken by the Nazis against the Jews. The project, financed by the Bavarian Ministry of Finance, is being undertaken in three part studies:

1.confiscation and destination of confisca- ted funds.

2. the effects and the Jewish experience of the financial persecution

3. restitution and compensation.

(see Appendix 31 for official report).


** A Jewish community existed in the village of Altenstein, between Hassfurt and Ma- roldsweisach, which was closed down in 1884 when the last Jews left. A Protestant church was erected on the site of the synagogue in 1910, but a Mikve (Ritual Bath) has recently been discovered.


** Cordula Kappner has not this year moun- ted an historic exhibition on the Jews in any place in the Hassberge, but she exhibited in Hof the story of the survival if Eva Erben (see my last Letter). She plans an exhibition in Burpreppach on the life and death of a local Jewish boy in the Holocaust in April next.


** Employees of German Railways held a meeting at the Bamberg railway station to warn against the Right.


** The Archive of the Bundeswehr (German Defence Forces) has created an exhibition on German Jewish soldiers from the era of emancipaion up to the two world wars". The exhibition is a travelling one and thanks to Chriss Fiebig, it will be mounted in the Bamberg City Archive in July 2002.

A splendid illustrated catalogue has been prepared, which makes a real contribution to history and is of importance to the present generations, which are unaware of the Jew- ish contribution to the defence of Germany. It goes very much further than I was able to do in my book.


** The eminent historian Prof. Michael Wolffsohn reminisced about his mother, the former Thea Saalheimer, in an interview with the Allgemeine Wochenzeitung der Deutschen Juden of 15 March, resulting in an affectionate piece entitled Meine Mame: Sie hat eine scharfe Zunge (My Ma, she has a sharp tongue). As the article also deals with Thea's father and mother, it is a contribution to the history of Bamberg Jews (and their occasional neglect of the dietary laws).


**Some of you may own or at least remember the book by Salcia Landmann on Der Jüdische Witz (the Jewish Joke), which became a bestseller when it appeared in 1960. Mrs. Landmann, whose parents emigrated from the Ukraine to Switzerland after the first world war, celebrated her 90th birthday. The Frankfurter Zeitung of 17 November devoted an interesting article on the occasion, which examined particularly reasons why Jewish jokes are so popular in Germany today.


**Those of my readers who are thinking of taking the waters at Bad Kissingen (a popular Spa with Bamberg Jews before the first world War) and even those who do not might like to know that there is now a permanent exhibition on Jewish Life in Bad Kissingen, at Promenadestr.2 (97688 Bad Kissingen, open every Wednesday from 15 - 17 hours. Opening at other times on request. Call (0)971 64752 (Frau Walter).



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