Murderer of Martin Finkelgrün condemned to life imprisonment


Martin Finkelgrün and his son lived in Bamberg for many years. Martin ran a tex- tile shop on the Grüner Markt. Hans studied Law in Würzburg.

Many years ago I reported in a Letter that Hans died for lack of medical attention in Shanghai and that Martin was brutally murdered in Terecin. Ever since 1988 his grandson Peter Finkelgrün tried to find the murderer, about whose fate some rumours existed and a few facts were known. Peter's detective work proved successful. He wrote about it in his book "Haus Deutschland", published in 1992. The Israeli writer Sobol made a play of it, which received some performances also in Germany.

Having found the murderer, a former SS man called Malloth, Peter hoped that the German justice authorities would take up the case, based on the evidence he provided. Peter could write an even longer book on how German justice frustrated his efforts for many years and even threatened one of his vocal supporters with a court case.

Malloth having been expelled from Italy had been living for many years at the expense of the local taxpayers in an up-market retirement home in Munich. In May of this year, the case at last reached the court and a conclusion. The 89 year old was sent to prison for the rest of his life, more than 10 years since Peter Finkelgrün first took up the case. Anyone less persistent would have failed. The citizens of Munich will be glad to be relieved of the cost of keeping Malloth.



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