The Memorial Book

Following my appeal for photos of our victims in last year's "Letter", I thank the following:

Kurt Walter, Israel (parents and sister Eliabeth).

Martha Rose nee Ehrlich, Pittsburg, PA, USA (parents).

Prof. Peter Pauson, Glasgow, (picture of his halfsister's grandmother Grete Bing).

Peter Finkelgrün, Cologne, (picture of his father Hans and his grandfather Martin.

We now have about 150 photos of our 279 Bamberg victims - that is, more than half of those whose names are shown on the memorial panels in the Tahara house. There is still a lot to do. Please mention this to your friends, who may not be readers of my Letter.

We already have a number of "last letters" from our victims, written before their deportation, from Bamberg, from Terecin or places abroad which were overran by the Nazis, as well as information on their last days in Bamberg provided by friends after the War. Again, I would appeal for more. They will be appended to the Memorial Book.

The book should be ready in 2002. It willl contain as much as we could find out about each victim, and also correlate with members of victims' families who also became victims or who fell in the first world War.

We plan to prepare only sIx copies, one each for the Bamberg Jewish cemetery, the the Jewish community centre, the Bamberg City Archive, the Bavarian State Library in Bamberg, the Yad Vashem, Jerusalem, and the Library of the Leo Baeck Institute, New York. The funds I have collected will be enough to pay for their preparation and production. If people are interested to acquire a copy of the Memorial Book, our production process will enable us to meet such requests at cost plus a production charge and p. and p.



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