Reports from Cantor and Teacher
Martin Rudolph and president Mr. Olmer

The news of the first Chanukka Ball on 23 December 2000, in the Community House, came too late for the last issue of the Letter.

Delicacies fried in oil, Latkes and doughnuts contributed by some Russian ladies were much enjoyed. The Youth club under their leader Alissa Gerschberg performed a Chanukka play and delighted the large audience with Israeli dances. The wellknown en- semble "Portnoy" from Würzburg entertained with Jiddish and Russian songs and there was dancing till late into the night. About 100 people were present.

On 9 March 2001, the Megilla Esther was read to the accompanying traditional noises, whenever the name of Haman occurred in the text.

After welcoming the Sabbath, there was an ample Kiddush, coupled with a brief celebration of Purim.

The main celebration took place on Sunday 11 March. The children performed a Purim play and the little ones performed Israeli dances, all under the diretion of Alissa. A soloist from Nürnberg accompanying herself on the Accordeon sang songs in Hebrew, Jiddish, Russian and German, and dancing followed. The limited space in the community house hardly managed to accommodate the 130 people present.


Main Festivals


On 7 April, the first Seder night, the community was pleased to note the presence of guests from England, Israel and the USA. but there were fewer members than expected; this may have been due to the start of the school holidays. A total of 67 people attended.

The Seder was led by Chasan Martin Rudolph, the reading of the Haggada (Erzählung) was shared by some of those present.

Because of the absence of children, Chasan Rudolph read the Ma Nishtana (Warum unterscheidet sich diese Nacht von allen anderen Nächten?) himself, but not without the enthusiastic support of those present.

Some young people managed to divert the Chasan's attention and to to snatch the Afikoman (ein verstecktes Desert) from under his nose. The meal provided was again up to the usual high standard.

The traditional wish Ba'shana' ha' ba'ah b'Jeruschalajim (next year in Jerusalem) ended a happy evening at 23 hours.



A full house was achieved on the first day of this festival, which may not have been unconnected with the ample Kiddush provided.


Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur

The attendance at the services on the High Holidays was so good that the extensions of the prayer room to the main hall had to be used to accommodate all the worshippers.


Sukkoth .

The synagogue was nicely decorated for the occasion.. On Simchat Thora, too, the services were well attended.


Chanukka 2001 
(reported by Mr. Olmer)

After the service and the lighting of the first candle on 24 Kislev, the event was designed mainly for the children, who performed a Chanukka play in the presence of their families and of many other community members. During the following party, the children received presents.

A further, larger celebration took place on the eve of the last day of Chanukka. More than 100 people participated. After lighting the last candle Mr. Olmer addressed the congregation in stirring words about the meaning of Chanukka for the Jewish community of our time.

During the party afterwards, many a tasty morsel and good wine were enjoyed. An excellent band performing Jewish, Israeli, German and Russian music, as well as contributions from community members, ensured a happy evening, which lasted until well into the night.


Activities of the Youth Club

(reported by Mr. Olmer)

Alissa Gerschberg continued her successful work with children from 8 - 14 this year. Music, theatre, hobbies and excursions are designed to acquaint them with and develop a love of Judaism . It is particularly gratifying that this age group participates regularly in the services and is actively included in the Kiddushim (the blessing of wine and bread, followed by coffee, soft drinks and cakes afterwards).

We intend to expand our youth work considerably and are looking for Community members willing to undertake it. This applies particularly to the work with older children, because their leader left Bamberg after the Abitur to study and we have unfortunately not been able to replace him so far.


Activites of the Senior Club

I should mention that the Seniors organised both the Chanukka and Purim celebrations.

During the last two years, Prof. Grinberg has been giving talks on the History of the Jewish People - Culture and Religion on every last Wednesday of the month Since January 2001, he concentrated on the Shoa.

On 5, 19 February and 5 March, Jewish people undergoing spa treatment at Bad Kissingen visited the Community. After tours of the city of Bamberg, they were entertained for coffee and cakes at the community house.

On 28 February and 12 March, Mr. Gorkurov showed interested members of the Community examples of his bookbinding skills and how people can repair damaged books.

On 28 October, th Club followed an invitation from the Erfurt Community. After being shown the synagogue and former community centre, the president Mr. Nossen showed the visitors the new community and cultural centre, where members of the local Senior Club were awaiting the Bambergers, who were treated to coffee and cakes.


Since January 2001, Chasan Mr. Rudoph has given lessons in Hebrew for adults every Tuesday morning, particularly to help the members from the former Soviet Union to read and understand the Siddur (Prayer book)..


On the 27 November, the 60th anniversary of the first of the deportations from Bamberg, the Jewish Community arranged a "Tag der offnen Tür" (day of the open door).

For this occasion, my friend and collaborator on the next book Franz Fichtl prepared a list of all those deported from Bamberg and murdered, which was mounted on the entrance to the Community facilities at Willy- Lessing-Str.7.



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