The proposed community building with Synagogue.

The press report in the Fränkischer Tag of 1 November 2001 provides the latest information available (see Appendix 1) It shows that of the total cost of DM 5.3 Million, DM 1 Million has still to be collected. Apart from its own savings, the Community "has the courage" to work towards getting the balance from donations. Mr. Olmer has made an appeal to former Bambergers, but locally a curatorium has been established, in which are represented Politics, Industry & Commerce, Cultural organisations, the Churches and the Press. With such influential backers, it should be possible to achieve the target.

The former silk factory, like the community house itself, were donated to the Bamberg Jewish community by the heirs of Leonie Kupfer, who died in Terecin. Since 1987 all kinds of discussions have taken place, projects mooted and plans to put the derelict building to the several requirements of the Community.

The present scheme meets the require ments of those bodies which wish to pre- serve the building, but it also creates a new feature, a cube which projects from the building in order to accommodate the synagoge.

Apart from the Synagogue, and other facilities to create a more appropriate community life than is possible in the present Community house, the building will contain an education centre, where events for schools and teachers from the whole of Northern Bavaria can be organised, in order to acquint them with the Jewish religion and customs. A small museum space will form part of the centre.

It is hoped to start building in September 2002 and to dedicate the synagogue in about 2004, almost 100 years since the last, splendid synagogue was dedicated (in 1910), the synagogue destroyed by the Nazis in November 1938.

Among the points made by Olmer in the press interview, he was glad that all the activites of the Community will be concentrated in one house. In this respect, Bamberg will have a unique position in Bavaria.



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