Dear Friends,


The year was overshadowed for us in Europe, too, by the terrible events in New York on 11 September. I do not think we have fully recovered from the shock or regained a sense of security, We wonder where the terrorists will strike next and fearful of more, dramatic crimes. The situation in Israel has given us as much cause for anxiety, as has the lack of understanding of Israel's position in the media, and therefore among the public.

I went to work on a new book in Bamberg for three weeks in May (more about this later) and spent the same time there in November. On the latter occasion I arrived in in time to take part in the remembrance meeting at the Synagogue memorial on 9 November.

I was asked to go to Munich at the end of June, in order to receive another award, the Bavarian Order of Merit, which is restricted to 2000 persons at any one time. I have no idea why I was honoured or who proposed me. I made no other foreign trips, but I spent several weekends with my family in London.

For the Bamberg Jewish community, the year saw the fruition of plans to built a Community centre with a synagogue, after many years of tenacious negotiations by Mr. H. Olmer, the president of the community. The funding has been almost completed, I shall let him describe the circumstances which made the project possible, and the organisation set up to collect the outstan- ding funds.

As I was in Bamberg from 6 to 25 May, I was able to attend six services (three on Fridays and three on Saturdays). The atten- dances on Friday evenings were acceptable, those on the Sabbath days were not.



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