Nochmals Thomas Starz

My readers will remember that I mentioned the remarkable work and webside of this Bamberger who now works and lives in Bayreuth.

A new report on his work has appeared in the Fränkischer Tag of 4th May. (See Ap- pendix 18).

The report is right in stating that, at the time, I was looking for an aide and possibly a successor as compiler of this Letter, and that Starz was willing to consider it. I discussed the matter with him again during my visit in Bamberg in November, and it turned out that he had underestimated the work load he faced as a teacher. While I have continued to search, we shall cooperate with him on a less formal basis. As last year, I obtained much information again for this year's Letter and thank him sincerely.

Thomas has also sent me information on events of Jewish inerest in and around Bayreuth, which are of great interest, but since no former Bamberger Jewish families originated in that city so far as I know, I have reluctantly decided not to feature these events in my "Letter".

The webside he has established receives quite a lot of visits and letters. He has sent me copies of some, which I find most interesting. I feel I must quote from one, by one Roman Zunker, whose parents were expelled from some Eastern European country and came to live in Bamberg.


"I have read the book about the Jews in Bamberg (my book HL) with much astonishment. I was born and grew up in this beautiful town and have learned so much that was new to me. But I have also suffered. It is simply incredible that this city had created so much disappointment for me. I was totally shocked by much of what I read; above all because no dyed-in-the-wool Bambergers ever told me anything about it."


Mr. Zunker and his wife found their way to the history of the Jews through music. They and friends founded the Klezmer group "Osambel".

If anyone wishes to visit Mr. Starz's webside, I repeat the Internet address, first given in my last Letter.


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