House Wassermann

While In Bamberg, I met again with the new owners, Dr. dent. and Mrs. Hochmuth. The completion of the planned bronze memorial plaque naming the principal occu- pants of the house (and their fates) has had to be postponed until the cast iron fence of the property has been fully restored. It has been decided, however, to proceed immediately with the panel with the fuller story of the family and Bank in the entrance lobby. A final text is being agreed.

The problem of an emergency escape to the strong room with the Bank's safe in the basement has apparently been solved, so that the proposed Wasserman museum can be placed there.The location has historical significance because the Bavarian State treasure was placed in that safe when the Bavarian governmen had to flee to Bamberg in 1918.

In October in Munich, the Hochmuths were awarded one of the two medals in Bamberg for exceptional work in restoring landmark buildings.

I cannot imagine a more deserving award and on behalf of former Bambergers, I congratulated them.


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